Add a Matching Name to PowerPoint Slide Layouts

By default, the PowerPoint slide layouts are missing the matching attribute that the DITA to PowerPoint plugin relies on for identifying each layout.

CAUTION: Before you begin this task, be sure that you've closed the PowerPoint template in the Microsoft PowerPoint application. Having the template open in two applications at the same time will corrupt the file.
Update the slide layout XML for each slide template to include the matchingName attribute.
  1. Open the oXygen editor.
  2. From oXygen, navigate to and open (double-click) the PowerPoint template you created.
    oXygen opens the template in the Archive Browser panel.
    pptx in oxygen archive browser
  3. In the Archive Browser, expand the ppt and slideLayouts folders.
    slide layouts folder
  4. Add the matchingName attribute to each slide layout in the slideLayouts folder.
    1. Double-click a slide layout file.
    2. In the open file, format and indent the syntax so you can more easily read the header.
    3. In the second name space declaration (xmlns:p=""), put your cursor right after the quote mark and press space.
      The attributes menu opens.
      matchingName attribute
    4. Select matchingName.
    5. For the value, type the exact text that is shown in the name attribute in the first line of syntax.
      The names should look familiar from the renaming exercise you performed previously.
      title slide attribute
    6. Save and close the file.
    7. Repeat until you've added a matchingName attribute for all of the slide layout files in the slideLayouts folder.
    Tip: Save often in this process! Also, don't make any other changes in these files or you risk corrupting the template.
  5. Once you've added the matchingName attribute to all of the layouts, click the Close button in the Archive Browser panel.
    archive browser close button