Assign IDs to Topics

Assigning unique IDs is necessary to map topics into applications or websites.

Mapping a topic is useful if you plan to provide a link to a help page that gives information on a specific part of an application.
Tip: You can assign multiple unique IDs to the topic if you plan to map the topic into:
  • Multiple applications or websites
  • Multiple places in an application or on a website.
  1. Open a topic that you want to assign an ID or IDs to.
  2. In the Content Editor, if you cannot see the prolog element, in the right-top corner, click the Gear button and check the Show Prolog check box.
  3. Assign a unique ID to the topic by doing the following:
    1. Place your cursor in the prolog element.
    2. Insert a resource ID element.
    3. Place your cursor in the resource ID element and enter a unique ID for the topic.
    4. Optional: In the corresponding field, provide the application name in which the topic ID will be mapped.
  4. If you want to map the topic in multiple places, assign more unique IDs to the topic by repeating 3.