Heretto Deploy API Overview

Deploy API is a programmatic layer that gives you the capability to turn your structured DITA content in Heretto CCMS into a form that other applications can consume. If you are looking for information about creating your own API documentation, see Heretto API Docs Overview.

Use Deploy API to deliver content from Heretto to help sites, apps, or into embedded help for use in kiosks or physical devices. Deploy API enables you to deliver localized content, control access with authentication, and to customize content for different audiences.

We use Deploy API to deliver our content to

Heretto Deploy API

Deploy API is a read-only API that enables you to deliver content from Heretto CCMS to different endpoints.

The delivered content includes:

  • JSON data
  • Media files
  • Transformed XML content (HTML5) or compiled DITA

Sitemaps are specialized DITA maps that determine the structure of your knowledge base, support site, or other web assets. Different sitemap models may apply, depending on the environment you publish to.

Deploy API supports different sitemap structures.

Use Cases

Heretto Deploy API is a scalable solution that enables you to create entire sites or dynamically deploy content to Software as a Service (SaaS) applications or build websites like

Building Websites

You can use Deploy API to build a knowledge base, support site, or any other website that gets content from your Heretto CCMS Content Library. You can brand, modify, and seamlessly integrate websites you build into your existing web assets to provide a consistent look and feel.

Embedding Content

Use Deploy API to embed content from your Heretto CCMS Content Library into an existing website or web application. For example, you can embed a help content directly into your company portal or use the content for context-sensitive help.

Content from One Source

Deploy API enables the use of the same DITA source files for different types of deliverables. Editing a single DITA source can update multiple assets.