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Heretto CCMS 23.8

Heretto CCMS August releases are here! Read on to learn what has changed. πŸš€

Heretto CCMS versions released in August:

  • 23.8.1

  • 23.8.10

  • 23.8.15

  • 23.8.23

  • 23.8.31

Heretto CCMS 23.8.1

Heretto CCMS version 23.8.1 comes with a number of enhancements and fixes. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§



  • In PDF Generator content transformation, outputclass attribute values added to the topichead element are carried over to HTML which enables you to use the value to style your content. For example, class="topicref topichead break-after" is now present in HTML for such a topichead element:

    <topichead outputclass="break-after">
                <navtitle>Hello World</navtitle>
            <mapref href="hello_world.dita"/>

    This enhancement has been available in the system since late May 2023.


Content Editor

  • When you use the Bulk Change option to change the status of a map and its topics, then open the map in the Content Editor, you see the new status as expected. Note that the new status has always been instantly visible in the Content Library and Resource Drawer. The issue only affected the Content Editor.

Known Issues

Content Library

  • When you open a map for editing then open the Content Library and use the Bulk Change option to change the status of that map and its topics, the new status is applied to the files but it is not reflected in the map tree. As a workaround, reopen the map to see the new status in the map tree. We have this issue on our radar. πŸ‘€

Heretto CCMS 23.8.10

This release had one fix to branching that you might notice. πŸ¦₯



  • When merging a document between two branches, resolved and archived comment tags no longer incorrectly appear in the content.

Heretto CCMS 23.8.15

We corrected a publishing issue this release. πŸ› οΈ



  • We corrected behavior that prevented tracked changes in Suggestion mode from publishing correctly. Now, when you make changes in suggestion mode, but do not resolve them, DITA-OT publishing will not fail.

Heretto CCMS 23.8.22

Heretto CCMS version 23.8.22 introduces some enhancements and fixes. πŸ™Œ


Content Library

  • When you open a map containing a document that is read-denied to you, the document now displays the message: You don't have read access for this document.


Content Library

  • Uploading SVG files larger than 1 Mb no longer causes errors.

Content Editor

  • Previously, when maps referred to submaps using mapref keyref the content of some submaps did not render in the Content Editor. Now, the content of these submaps renders in the Content Editor as expected.

    Example of a map structure using mapref keyref:


    <map id="ditamap-1">
        <title>Parent Map</title>
        <mapref href="KeyMap.ditamap"/>
        <mapref keyref="child_a_map_key"/>
        <mapref keyref="child_b_map_key"/>
        <topicref href="Topic_C.dita"/>


    <map id="ditamap-2">
        <keydef format="ditamap" href="Submap_A.ditamap" keys="child_a_map_key"/>
        <keydef format="ditamap" href="Submap_B.ditamap" keys="child_b_map_key"/>


    <map id="ditamap-3">
        <title>Submap A</title>
        <topicref href="Topic_A.dita"/>
  • When you change a map element from topicref to keyref, the element now appears correctly in the map without the need to reload it.

Heretto CCMS 23.8.31

Summer has been hot but Heretto CCMS 23.8.31 is here! Go ahead and take a look. πŸ•Ά


Content Library

  • Browsing the Content Library just got easier. Now, when you navigate through Heretto CCMS to look for a resource, the system remembers your last location and starts there.



  • We've made some significant updates to improve performance speed in the Locales tab of the Resource Drawer. Now, large maps with multiple locales won't take as long to load. ⏱️



  • When you publish a locale using the dita output type, the resulting output now contains the same CCMS metadata as when you publish the source language files.