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Webhook Integrations

You can send webhook notifications from Heretto CCMS that may trigger various actions on external servers. The external servers may pull data from Heretto CCMS.


If this feature is disabled for your organization, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Webhook notifications on publish

You can send webhook notifications automatically on successful publishing jobs or on any publishing job.

webhook notification drop down menu
Do not send
Webhook notification is not sent.
Send on success
Webhook notification is sent after a publishing job is completed successfully.
Send regardless of build result
Webhook notification is sent for both successful and unsuccessful publishing jobs.

Webhook notifications on demand

You can manually send webhook notifications for past publishing jobs and resources in your Content Library.

manual webhook initiation from a publishing record
context menu webhook notification option

Triggering Actions on External Servers with Webhooks (Notify)

You can use webhooks notifications to trigger various actions on servers external to your Heretto CCMS instance.

Your Heretto CCMS instance can be configured to send webhook notifications about publishing events to external servers. On a webhook notification, the external server can trigger various actions. For example, the external server can automatically send emails on successful publish jobs.

In the following example, a publishing job is initiated in Heretto CCMS. The publishing job generates output in Heretto CCMS and sends a webhook notification to the external server. The external server triggers actions based on the webhook notification.

Figure 1. Webhook Notification Process
webhook notification process

Pulling Content from Heretto CCMS to External Servers (NotifyPull)

External servers may be configured to pull content from Heretto CCMS on a webhook notification.

The majority of output formats produced by the DITA Open Toolkit (DITA-OT) publishing engine1 can be pulled from Heretto CCMS to an external server.

webhook pull

Publishing Content on External Servers with Webhooks (NotifyPull)

External servers may be configured to pull DITA content from Heretto CCMS on a webhook notification and transform the pulled content.

Sending a webhook notification for source content is useful if you want to process DITA content by using a publishing engine hosted on an external server.

In the following example, a webhook notification is sent from Heretto CCMS. The external server triggers a publishing engine that pulls and transforms the source content from Heretto CCMS. The output is generated on the external server side.

Figure 2. External Publishing Process with Webhooks
webhook publishing
1 For more information about the DITA-OT plugins, see