Information Typing

DITA is built on a process of information typing that you probably already use when you break off conceptual content, procedural content, and reference content into their own sections in a larger document. DITA breaks your documentation down into information types called topics. Topics focus on a single subject that can stand alone as a self-contained chunk of content. This means that each topic only contains relevant information and should not require additional resources to understand the information. By organizing your writing this way, you enable greater reuse opportunities and provide easily understandable information to your audience.

DITA content is broken down into three main topic types:

Topic TypeDescriptionExample
ConceptProvides conceptual information about something. Answers the question "What is...?"Introduction to your Toaster
TaskProvides procedural information that tells you how to perform a task. Answers the question "How do I...?"Cleaning your Toaster
ReferenceProvides supporting information, typically in tables, such as specifications.Toaster Technical Information