Create a DITAVal

Create a DITAVAL containing include or exclude rules to filter content at publish or during editing.

  1. In the content library, navigate to a folder and click Create New.
  2. Select DITAVal to open the Create new window.
  3. Enter a name for the file.
  4. Optional: Create the file in a folder different from the current folder by clicking Change and selecting a new location.
  5. Optional: Assign the file to collections by clicking Collections and selecting collections from the list.
  6. Optional: Assign metadata to the file by filling in the Metadata fields.
  7. Click Create & Edit.
  8. Edit or remove the default property, or click Add Prop to add a new action.
You can use this DITAVAL to publish or filter your content as your edit or preview files in your content library. For more information, see Publish or Filter Content with a DITAVAL.