Filter Portal Content

You can filter content on your portal by adding a DITAVAL to the associated sitemap.

Tip: You can filter out your internal or in-progress content from your public Heretto Deploy Portal instance for every portal visitor.
  • Ensure that the content that you delivered or want to deliver to the portal is profiled.

    For more information, see Profile Topic Elements and Profile Map Elements.

  • Locate the sitemap associated with your portal.

    For more information, contact your Heretto CCMS administrator.

  1. Create a new DITAVAL or locate the existing DITAVAL that you want to filter the content on your portal with.
    For more information on how to create DITAVAL files, see Create a DITAVal.
  2. Associate the DITAVAL with the sitemap by doing the following:
    1. In the content library double-click on the sitemap that you want to modify to open it in the Content Editor.
    2. In the content library right-click the sitemap that you want to modify and select Dock.
    3. Navigate to the DITAVAL file.
    4. While holding the Shift keyboard key, drag and drop the DITAVAL file to the end of the sitemap.
      Inserting a DITAVAL file
    5. From the dialog, select Data and click Insert.
    6. In the left pane, right-click the DITAVAL and select Edit element attributes.
    7. In the Edit Properties window, in the name field, enter content-api-default-audience
    8. If needed, clear the scope field by clicking the corresponding trash icon.
    9. Click Save.