Site Section with Versions

Versioned site sections can include multiple versions of the same content.

Tip: Site sections with versions are useful if you want to publish different releases of the same content.You can reference resources from different Heretto CCMS branches. For more information about versioning in Heretto CCMS, see Version.

Basic Site Section with Versions

The following example shows the site output results of a sitemap with a <sitesection> that contains two version elements that reference two different versions of a map.

    <!-- Sitemap title -->
    <!-- A sitesection with versioned content -->
    <sitesection outputclass="view-toc">
            <navtitle>Versioned Site Section</navtitle>
            <shortdesc>Short Description</shortdesc>
            <data href="media/portal_icon_navy.png" name="thumbnail"/>
        <!-- Version #1 container -->
            <!-- Version details -->
                <!-- Version information that will be visible in the version drop-down menu -->
            <!-- Referenced DITA content -->
            <mapref href="content/map_c_v1_0.ditamap"/>
        <!-- Version #2 container -->
            <mapref href="content/map_c_v2_0.ditamap"/>
basic site section with versions

The result is that articles within your versioned map will be accompanied with a dropdown that enables readers to choose between different versions.

Note: To have the version dropdown show on desktop devices, be sure to add outputclass="view-toc" on the <sitesection> element that contains your versioned content.

Readers will be able to see a version number in the breadcrumbs section on the top of the screen.

output of a basic site section with versions

When you click the site section in the navigation menu, you will not be redirected to the first topic in a map as usual. Instead, you will be presented with a set of tiles. Each tile represents the top-level element in the versioned map. Tiles are accompanied with a dropdown for choosing between different versions.

output of a basic site sections with versions
Note: The “v” phrase is added automatically before the version number. Therefore, you do not need to add it in the navtitle element of your versions.
Tip: You can version content on different sitemap levels. For more information, see Site Section with Subsections.

To learn how to add versioned maps to the sitemap, refer to Add Versioned Maps to Your Heretto Deploy Portal Sitemap.