Create a Map

Learn to create a map to organize your topics and prepare a set of content for publishing.

  1. In the content library, click Create New and select Map.
  2. In the Title field, enter a map name.
    Filling in the map title
  3. Click Create & Edit to create the map and open it in the Map Editor pane.
    Now that you've created a map, you're going to add the concept and task topics you created to the map.
  4. To add the Introduction topic to the map, drag and drop introduction.dita from the file listing to the Map Editor pane.
  5. If prompted, to choose how you want to insert the topic, leave topicref selected and click Insert.
  6. Repeat steps 4 through 5 to add first_procedure.dita to the map.
    Tip: If you drop a topic on top of another topic in the Map Editor pane, it will add the topic as a child. This is how you can build hierarchy in a map.
You created your first map and added some topics to it. Now, you can Publish a Map.