Create a Concept Topic

In your personal testing folder, you'll create your first concept topic.

  1. In your personal testing folder, click Create New and select Concept.
  2. In Title field, enter Introduction.

    The File name field will automatically populate based on what you enter in the Title field.

  3. Click Create & Edit to open the new topic in the Content Editor.

    The Introduction topic opens in the Content Editor.

    Created concept topic
    Tip: You can also click Create to generate the topic and have it show in file listing but not immediately open in the Content Editor. You can double-click on a file in the listing to open it in the Content Editor.
  4. Place your cursor in any element placeholder (for example, the short description element) and insert some text.
    A Concept topic with some content
  5. Insert new elements by clicking the + icon.
    Note: The elements that show in the Insert Menu are context sensitive and only elements that are valid in your cursor location show.
    Quick Insert Menu
  6. Do each of the following actions by using the text editing toolbar:
    Text editing toolbar
    1. Insert a list.
    2. Insert an image.
    3. Insert a table.
    4. Add a comment.
    Tip: You can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly perform an action. Click the keyboard icon to see a list of available actions.
  7. When you're done editing the topic, click the X to exit the Content Editor.
    Heretto CCMS automatically saves your editing changes.
Congratulations! You created your first concept topic and added some content to it. Now, let's Create a Task Topic.