DITA to PowerPoint: Considerations

Creating Microsoft PowerPoint slides from DITA is an advanced functionality.

Be aware of the following considerations before you start configuring the DITA to PowerPoint solution.
  • You should have access to the Microsoft PowerPoint application.

  • You should have familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint slide creation and master layouts. Any changes to slide appearance or layout are done in master layouts.

  • The map and topic format should be optimized for slide content. (In other words, not too much text!)

  • Only Heretto CCMS Administrators can create a publishing scenario for DITA to PowerPoint.

  • Only Administrators can modify the DITA to PowerPoint plugin.

  • It's helpful to have oXygen available if you want to modify the default DITA to PowerPoint plugin.

  • The plugin works in DITA-OT 2.5.4. You may need to install it if you do not already have this version in your Heretto CCMS instance.

  • Any modifications to the default plugin are not covered by Heretto CCMS Support.