Advanced DITA to PowerPoint Configuration

The slide layouts included in the Heretto DITA to PowerPoint plugin are suitable for many slide outputs. However, if you want to change the colors or other visual aspects of the slides, you can consider updating the plugin to include your own organization's master layouts.

Major configuration activities to use your own set of master slide layouts

Create a new PowerPoint template with master slide layouts and master notes layouts

Download the default DITA to PowerPoint plugin

Update the mappings.xml file in the plugin

Add your PowerPoint slide template file to the plugin

Update the ppt-build.xml file to use the new PowerPoint template

Upload the Updated Plugin to Heretto CCMS

Create a sample map and topics for testing purposes

Test the modifications

Tools requirements

XML Editor
To modify the DITA to PowerPoint plugin and the XML version of the PowerPoint template, you need access to a full XML editor. The instructions provided in this document are based on using the oXygen editor.
Microsoft PowerPoint
To create a PowerPoint template that you can use in the plugin, you need access to a fully licensed copy of PowerPoint. You cannot make the needed changes in the Office Online version.


Making changes to the DITA to PowerPoint plugin and the slide master layouts are advanced actions, and you risk breaking the plugin. Attempt this only if you are comfortable with plugin structure, modifying XSL files, and have some familiarity with PowerPoint master slide layouts.

CAUTION: This activity involves modifying the structure of a DITA-OT plugin and a PowerPoint template. Only make these changes if you have experience with editing DITA-OT plugins, and are comfortable with making changes to XSL files. You also need to update the PowerPoint slides as XML objects.
Remember: Any changes you make to the default plugin are outside of the Heretto support policy.
Restriction: Only Administrators can make changes to the DITA-OT plugins in the system.