Heretto CCMS includes a robust content authoring interface and a fully collaborative Content Editor.

Does Heretto CCMS support collaboration?

Heretto CCMS Content Editor is the first and only collaborative system for DITA content that enables multiple users to work on the same content simultaneously. For example, a writer can work on authoring a topic while a reviewer suggests changes. Heretto CCMS Content Editor is cloud-based and built to make creating the DITA content as efficient as possible. Out of the box, the Content Editor delivers a straightforward authoring experience. Advanced users can also open a side-by-side Source Editor that enables them to edit the underlying XML code alongside the WYSIWYG interface.

What is a collaboration lock?

The Content Editor editor is fully collaborative so files aren't locked when multiple users are working on content. Collaboratively locked files cannot be opened in an external authoring system like oXygen to prevent any conflicting changes.

Can I check in and check out files?

While Heretto CCMS removes the need for file locking, we recognize that some of our customers prefer to have files checked in and out for authoring. For this reason, we can configure your instance to automatically lock files when a user opens the file for editing, and unlock the file when that user completes their work.

Administrators can always “Force Lock” or “Force Unlock” files, regardless of whether automatic file locking is enabled.

Can I change the topic type?

No, each topic type uses its own content structure, so elements in one topic type may not be valid in another topic type.

Let's look at a task topic and reference topic. task topics contain procedures, whereas reference topics typically contain tables. There are elements in task topics - such as a context element, steps element, and result element - that are not valid in reference topics. Similarly, there are elements in reference topics - such as a section element, or table element - that are not valid in task topics.

Can I insert custom symbols?

Yes. The symbols list is customizable.

Does Heretto CCMS support schemas and DTDs?

Yes, Heretto CCMS supports both schemas and DTDs. Typically, your Customer Success Manager handles the implementation of the customized schema and DTD files.

How can I set column widths on tables?

Our goal with Heretto CCMS is to separate content from form so that when you create content inside Heretto CCMS it can be published to multiple channels and screen sizes. This is why we don't recommend setting specific column width, for example, for table columns.

We can, however, configure table width controls for you that will still enable you to publish to multiple channels with no screen size issues.