Variable Reuse

Variables enable you to easily reuse and update content like product names, interface terms, or other items that might change, either because they're being used in different contexts or because of external changes like rebranding.

Variable Reuse Methods

You can reuse variables by using conkeyref attributes or keyref attributes. However, we recommend reusing variables with conkeyref attributes. Whatever method you choose, use it consistently.

Table 1. Variable Reuse Methods Comparison
Variable Reuse with ConkeyrefsVariable Reuse with Keyrefs
Can be fully managed through a dedicated graphical user interface in Heretto CCMS.Cannot be fully managed through a dedicated graphical user interface in Heretto CCMS. You may need to use the Source Editor to edit DITA code.
Contained in variable warehouse topics.Contained in variable warehouse maps.
Involves conkeyref attributes.Involves keyref attributes.
Involves phrase elements.Involves keyword elements.

Localization Considerations

If you localize content or plan to localize content, keep the following considerations in mind while using variables:

  • In some languages, words change form depending on their role in the sentence. Because the text in the variables forms a part of the grammatical structure of the sentence, using a variable in sentences with different grammatical structures can introduce unintended errors in the target language.
  • You can safely use non-grammatical items for variable content. For example, it is usually safe to translate variable content like phone numbers, addresses, hours of operation, or external links.