Component Reuse

You can reuse topics and maps by adding them to multiple maps.


You reuse topics and maps by using topicref elements and mapref elements to insert that component into a map.

Figure 1. Component Reuse Operation.
The following diagram illustrates that:
  • “Topic A” is reused in “Map A” and “Map B”
  • “Topic B” is reused in “Map A” and “Map C”
  • “Map D” is reused in “Map B” and “Map C”
Tip: You can view detailed reuse information about every file in Heretto CCMS by clicking a file and selecting Links in the right pane. The Links tab shows incoming links, outgoing links, or all file dependencies.


The following example shows the behavior of the topic and map reuse indicator in the content library when you reference a file in your map.
Note: When the indicator is black, that means the component is used in a map somewhere within the content library. When the indicator is green, that means the component is reused in the currently opened map. The number indicates how many times the component is globally reused.
Figure 2. Map A
Reuse example
Figure 3. Map B
Reuse example
Figure 4. Map C
Reuse example