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Heretto CCMS 22.30

Take a look at the enhancements and fixes we added to the Content Editor, Content Library, Branching, Localization, and Publishing.

Release Date

General Availability - November 11, 2022


We improved the way you work with active and deactivated users in the Users interface. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป


  • The Users interface now handles deactivating users in a more intuitive way.

    • When no users are selected, the Deactivate button is not available.

    • When both active and inactive users are selected, the Deactivate button is available but inactive because you can only deactivate active users. The button becomes active once you deselect inactive users.

    Note: An Administrator can reactivate a user at any time. Reactivating a licensed user, like Author or Administrator, requires a license.
    Figure 1. Reactivate a user by selecting the Active check box
    Reactivate a user by selecting the Active check box


The Branching module got a very useful enhancement. Now, when you try branching a map with broken links, you are warned about that.


  • When you try branching a file that contains broken links, for example, links to files in the Trash, you are now informed about that and prevented from branching the file. That is true for both merge and replace operations. What is more, when you click the notification, a list of affected files opens and you can fix the links right away! โœŒ

    Note: By default, Heretto prevents you from moving referenced files to Trash. However, if you requested that we change that behavior to enable you to move referenced files to Trash (strongly not recommended), this feature should save you some headache.
    Figure 2. You are notified about broken links in a file you want to branch
    You are notified about broken links in a file you want to branch

Content Editor

Images in reused elements resolve correctly again and the related-links element not longer reports false broken links to DITABase topics.


  • We addressed an issue that affected the appearance of images within reused elements - there would only be placeholder icons visible instead of whole images. That's no longer an issue and all the images are perfectly visible now. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Figure 3. Reused content with images visible
    Reused content with images visible
  • DITA gives you multiple clever ways of maintaining links to other topics. One of them is to use the related-links element. It enables you to add neatly organized sets of links at the end of a topic.

    If you added a link to a DITABase topic in the related-links element, that link would be falsely reported as broken. We made sure to fix that. Now, links added in the related-links element to DITABase topics resolve to the first title in the DITABase topic and no longer cause false broken link warnings.

Content Library

We added two enhancements: one prevents you from moving a folder with files linked outside of that folder to Trash, the other enables you to see very long file names in the Links tab ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ.


  • We added a feature that prevents you from removing a folder with files that are referenced outside of that folder. Previously, if you right-clicked a folder and selected Move to Trash, you would be able to proceed even if the files inside were linked by other files located outside that folder. That could have potentially caused a situation when you would move files to Trash and remain unaware that you created broken links in a document.

    We changed that behavior and now you are:

    • warned that files are referenced

    • provided with a list of referenced files

    • unable to move the folder to Trash till you remove the references or move the referenced files to a different folder

    This is now the default behavior. You can request that we change it to allow moving folders and files to Trash even when they are referenced, however, we do not recommend going that route. Trust us.

    Tip: If you need to move a file with multiple references to Trash but would prefer not to remove all references first, for example, because you might need to restore it one day and would want the references in place, we recommend opening the file in the Source Editor and wrapping the body of a topic or all references in a map with the HTML comment tag: <!-- -->. ๐Ÿง
    Figure 4. You can no longer remove a folder with files referenced outside of that folder
    You can no longer remove a folder with files referenced outside of that folder
  • If your file names tend to get long, you'll be happy to learn that we added a simple but useful enhancement ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ to the Links tab. Now, when a file name is too long to be fully visible, you can hover over it to see the full file name.

    Figure 5. You can see the full file name in the Links tab
    Hover over a file name and you'll see the full file name


The Localization module received two fixes related to the Translation Memory mode.


  • When you localized a map, then went to the Locales tab and viewed the locale for that map, the Cache mode would show the translation correctly but after switching to the Translation Memory mode, the map showed as un-translated. Now, when you view the locale of a localized map, both the Cache and Translation Memory modes show the translation correctly.

    Figure 6. Cache and Translation Memory modes show the latest translation
    Cache and Translation Memory modes show the latest translation
  • We're on a roll! We fixed one more behavior in the Translation Memory mode in the Locales tab.

    If all of the content had the current translation, the Translation Memory mode showed the content correctly for single topics. However, if you edited the source, the Cache mode worked correctly, while the Translation Mode would load indefinitely. We fixed that and now both modes work smoothly, no matter if your translation is current or needs an update. The elements that need to be translated will now show in source language for easy tracking. You can even translate the content on the spot in the Locales tab. ๐ŸŽฏ

    Figure 7. The Translation Mode loads correctly even when the translation is out of date, and shows the source language for untranslated elements
    Translation Memory loads correctly in the Locales Tab and shows source language for untranslated elements.


PDF Generator now supports a conditional processing mechanism that enables you to filter an entire attribute group.


  • PDF Generator now supports a more advanced conditional processing option. In short, it now can filter in or out all content with an attribute set, no matter what value is set for that attribute. For example, you can exclude an entire audience attribute by setting <prop action="exclude" att="audience"/> in a DITAVAL file and PDF Generator will exclude all content with a value defined for the audience attribute. Neat, huh? ๐Ÿค“

    Figure 8. You can exclude all content with an attribute set, no matter what attribute values are set