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Heretto CCMS 22.24

In this release our focus was the Review interface and Content Editor. In case you did not realize this, typically when we make a change to the Review interface, it is also present in the Content Editor and vice versa .

Release Date

General Availability - August 19, 2022

Content Editor

We fixed an edge case 🦄 that affected how tables reused with the conkeyref attribute were displayed.


  • We fixed an edge case that involves reusing the table element with the conkeyref attribute. When you now do it, table columns and rows are displayed correctly. We consider this an edge case because it's more common to reuse tables with the conref attribute. However, if you need to use conkeyref attribute to reuse table elements, you will not experience any rendering issues anymore.

Review Interface

We added a few enhancements and fixes to Review interface. Enjoy! 🍨


  • Heretto CCMS uses processing instructions (PIs) to keep track of comments and suggestions that you add to content. A PI always starts with <?ezd-review-start> and ends with <?ezd-review-end>. For example, this is a what a PI looks like in Source Editor:
    <?ezd-review-start>looks<?ezd-review-end ce679247-921e-4a41-bc73-8bff3f7d0652?>

    When a processing instruction is removed before a comment or suggestion is resolved, for example, when you remove a sentence before resolving a comment it contained, the comment or suggestion card remains in the Review tab but doesn't take you to the right place in content. That is because without PIs in the content, it's virtually impossible.

    We styled comment and suggestion cards that have no processing instructions a bit differently to help you understand what they are. Such cards are now faded, explain that their processing instruction is not present in content, and provide more details under the tooltip.

    This behavior is present in both Review interface and Content Editor 🥳.

    Figure 1. Comment with no Processing Instruction Shows as not in Content
    /Comments with no processing instructions are faded and provide guidance.
  • We enhanced the mechanism responsible for adding comments. Previously, when you placed your cursor somewhere in text - but did not highlight any text - and added a comment, the comment would be added but no highlight indicating were the comment was added was visible. No highlight was visible because there was nothing to apply it to. We enhanced the behavior in both Review interface and Content Editor to always add a highlight to a comment, even when you don't highlight any text. Now, when you place your cursor right in front or behind a word and add a comment, the system highlights that word for you. Neat, huh? 👏


  • When you archive comments, sometimes the comment card would get archived and moved to the Archived tab, but its processing instruction (PI) would remain in the Source Editor. As a result, you'd continue seeing a comment highlight or icon in the text but clicking it wouldn't take you anywhere. We fixed that behavior. Now, when you archive a comment, its processing instruction is also removed and so no comment highlights or icons remain in the content 🤩.

    This fix is present in both Review interface and Content Editor.

    Figure 2. Comment Highlight is Removed when Comment is Archived
    Archiving comments removes comment highlight
  • When working in the Suggesting mode, the cursor would sometimes jump to the end of a paragraph. It happened when you added a misspelled suggestion and wanted to correct the spelling, and sometimes when you added a suggestion to remove some content. This behavior is now fixed in both Review interface and Content Editor 🤗.

    Figure 3. Cursor Doesn't Jump when Editing a Suggestion
    When editing a suggestion you just added, cursor stays in place
  • We fixed an issue specific to Mozilla Firefox 🦊 browsers that when adding, rejecting, or accepting suggested changes in a topic in the Review interface the cursor would jump to another section of the content. This behavior is also fixed in the Content Editor.