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Heretto CCMS 22.23

The Review interface received two improvements that we're sure you'll appreciate. We also addressed some items in the Content Library and PDF Generator.

Release Date

General Availability - August 19, 2022

Review Interface

These two improvements make the Review interface more intuitive to use. Now navigating to content from comments works smoothly and so does completing assignments that contain submaps 🎊.


  • For a while, the Review interface counted submaps as parts of an assignments that you had to mark as completed, but it didn't offer that nifty Mark Completed button to do so.

    We filled in that gap. From now on, as soon as you mark all topics in a submap completed, the system knows that you've done the work and want to move to the next step! 🦾

    Figure 1. Submaps can now be marked as complete during an Assignment


  • Clicking a comment in the Review tab now consistently takes you to the right place in content. This is true for both the Review interface and Content Editor 😎.

    Figure 2. When you click a comment, you are taken to the related content

Content Library

This minor but handy fix let's you collapse and expand filters in the Search tab again 🔍.


  • When you collapse filters in the Search tab, arrows responsible for collapsing and expanding filters remain visible. For example, when you collapse the Needs Attention, Status, or Content Type filters, the arrow that enables you to expand it is visible and works as expected.

    Figure 3. You can easily collapse and expand filters in the Search tab


We fixed an edge case that you likely never experienced. Hooray!


  • Many of you use our incredible PDF Generator publishing engine on a daily basis. Have you ever tried publishing a single task topic with a content reference (conref) to a step containing a figure? Most likely not. But if you did, you'd experience some issues. We're glad we caught this edge case and addressed it before you even had a chance to notice. Enjoy! 🍿

    PS: This was not an issue when publishing the same topic from a map. Whew.

    Figure 4. A single topic containing a conref to a step with a figure publishes correctly