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Heretto CCMS 22.20

In this release we focused on the Content Editor. We also added some enhancements and fixes to Branching, Content Library, and Users interface. Enjoy!

Release Date

General Availability - July 8, 2022


We improved the merging process in our branching system.


When someone is working on a document that you're trying to merge into a different branch, you're prevented from doing that because the document is being worked on. Once it is no longer in use, you can merge it.

  • Changes show correctly in a merging operation even if merging was earlier attempted while the file was being edited.


  • When you merge changes selectively, for example, because some of them still need to wait for approval, the changes that you skipped show correctly the next time you merge the same file.

    Figure 1. You can select which changes you want to merge

Content Editor

We introduced a number of fixes and enhancements that make editing maps and topics in our Content Editor even smoother! 🥳


  • In a glossary map, you can change the first topicref element to a glossref element without using the source editor. Woot!

    Figure 2. Changing the first topicref element to a glossref element
    Changing the first topicref element to a glossref element


  • The alternate book title (booktitlealt) element is properly recognized as a valid element on first entry.

    Figure 3. You can add booktitlealt with the Map Editor or in the Source Editor
    booktitlealt being added using the right-click menu
  • Unwrapping or removing elements with the tags mode enabled no longer scrolls to the beginning of a topic in Google Chrome™.

    Figure 4. Unwrapping and removing elements in Chrome no longer causes issues
  • When adding a link (key reference or keyref) to a glossary term, the drop-down menu correctly lists the available terms.
    Figure 5. The Con/Keyref drop-down menu includes available glossary terms
    The con/keyref drop-down menu includes available glossary terms
  • References to a key that has more than one value now resolve correctly in the Con/Keyref drop-down menu as two independent keys with their own values.
    Figure 6. Key references with the same value but different keys
  • We re-enabled the collaboration indicator in the Content Editor. Now, when more than one person is working in a file, the collaboration icon in the Topic toolbar indicates that there are multiple people working in the file. When you hover over the icon, a list of collaborators appears.

    Figure 7. Collaboration Icon

Content Library


When you edit an image in the system, you can upload a new version of the image in the process of updating the current image. We made sure that when uploading a new version of an image, the new image is automatically selected so you don't need to worry about it 🙌.

  • Images added to the system while updating an existing figure element or image element are automatically selected.
    Figure 8. Images are automatically selected upon upload

Users Interface


  • We resolved an issue where special characters in user names were appearing as encoded characters in the UI.

    Figure 9. Special characters in user names are displayed correctly
    Special characters in user names are displayed correctly