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Heretto CCMS 22.19

What's new? A lot! We are happy to share new features, great fixes, and more!

Release Date

General Availability - June 24, 2022



Trying to preview a context map before submitting an assignment? We've improved the context map field to help manage your assignments.

  • Context maps no longer refuse to open when creating an assignment.

  • Context maps no longer open underneath the assignment window.

    Figure 1. Context Maps now open a new window when previewed
    Context map opening a new window


We also introduced some enhancements. A context map preview will now open a new window. The Preview context map and Remove context map buttons will always be visible as well—no more hovering!

  • The Preview context map and the X buttons are always visible.

  • Since previewing opens the map in the Content Editor, we've removed the Edit button for clarity.
    Context Map field displaying visible preview and X button.

Content Editor


  • When adding a link in your footnote, the Insert link dialog now appears on screen instead of where the footnote is referenced.

Figure 2. Insert link appears in the footnote
GIF of inserting a link into a footnote


Reusing content? Making suggestions? We introduced a couple of fixed that help your authors stay in the zone while editing.. No need to slow down and check where the cursor is after suggesting content or inserting content in tables.

  • Cursor no longer jumps to the end of a paragraph when deleting content in Suggesting mode.

Figure 3. In Suggesting Mode the Cursor Remains in the Location You're Editing
When making edits to documents in Suggesting mode the cursor will remain in place.
  • Cursor no longer jumps to the beginning of a table entry when inserting a content key reference (conkeyref). Apparently, it was a bit too excited about inserting conkeyrefs in tables. We handled it gracefully.

Figure 4. Cursor no longer gets overly excited
In a table the cursor will immediately set following the reference
  • Double-clicking the Add comment button that appears on the right after you highlight some content no longer adds two comments in the Review tab. We agree that one is enough.

Figure 5. Add comment only creates one comment
Double-clicked comment creates one comment only
  • Using the Undo shortcut (Ctrl > Z for Windows, Cmd > Z for Mac) no longer prevents you from using the plus button to open the quick insert menu in Chrome.

Figure 6. The Undo shortcut keeps the quick insert menu intact
Using undo shortcut for quick insert
  • Complex maps no longer fail to retrieve content if a single content reference (conref) is broken.

  • Canceling element selection when reusing an element, for example, a note, no longer breaks the selection process.

Content Library


Ok, so this one is a bit controversial. Let's face it, duplicating content is not a good practice. However, we understand that sometimes, very rarely, it's the best one can do. We wanted to make your life easier and now duplicated files no longer share the same root ID attribute. That prevents some linking and/or publishing issues from happening and will likely save you time in those rare situations. Cheers! 🥂

  • When you duplicate a file or a group of files, the duplicates are given a new, unique root ID attribute. IDs other than the root ID are not affected by this operation.



Translating content? The following fixes will help you not only track progress properly, but preview your translations as well.

  • We fixed an issue where certain elements were not rendered properly in the Translation Memory preview.

  • We fixed an edge case where translation percentages did not update after a package was uploaded. Now, localization jobs properly reflect the percentage of translated files even in that edge case!



We brought back some Search behavior that we know you missed and so did we. Very happy we have them back! 🥳

  • When in a specific folder and using the Search tab to filter, for example, for maps only, the system no longer searches the entire Content Library. Instead, it searches the folder you started in.

  • Selecting a folder in the Searching drop-down menu to narrow down your search results now automatically sets your search preferences to the folder you selected. You no longer need to remember to also select that Folder option. 🙌🏽

Folder is selected by default