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Heretto CCMS 22.18

Heretto 22.18 comes with some exciting new fixes and features, and we’ve implemented them to help you! Here’s a quick roll-up of the latest.

Release Date

General Availability - June 10, 2022

Content Manager


  • When the name of your folder contains spaces, the spaces will be changed to underscores. Let's say you want to re-upload the folder using the same name and spaces. No problem—it will overwrite the existing file and all linking is retained.

Topic Editor


  • The status of a file that you're collaborating on has recently been updated by a member of your team. When you Search using the “last modified by” filter, you'll see exactly who was the last person that modified the file.



  • A <navtitle> element should take precedence over an attribute. So, when you publish your content from a branch the Editor always adds the <navtitle> element and not the attribute when using the edit properties window.
    Figure 1. <navtitle> now takes precedence over an attribute
    The Editor always adds the <navtitle> in precedence over an attribute.

Assignments Interface


  • Need to create an assignment where the Summary requires special characters that have a particular meaning? You can + or - any of the special characters you need, & when you open the assignment they'll properly show in the Summary :)

Figure 2. Special characters will properly display in the Assignment Interface
You can create and view assignments that contains special characters.

Review User Interface


  • You've just authored an assignment and passed it on to a colleague for review. A comment was made on your content containing a conref, and the visual indicator in the Review UI lets you know a suggestion was made.

Figure 3. Visual indicator of comment on a conref is present in the Review UI
When a conref has a comment there is a visual indicator in the Review UI.

File Templates


  • When you have a topic template that includes reused conrefs or a template with cross-references to a file from outside the _configuration folder, there's no need to worry! Your links will connect.



  • Are you located in a time zone other than GMT/UTC? When you apply any date before 1990, your epoch time will sync to the world standard and the date will correctly display. Now the days are behind you!