Start chapter-level topics and the Table of Contents (TOC) on the right-hand page by inserting blank pages if necessary.


Resource location:@import url("");
Figure 1. Blank Page Before the TOC
blank page after cover
Figure 2. Blank Page Before a Chapter-Level Topic.

The following example shows a blank page added before “Chapter C” to make the chapter prints on the right-hand page.

blank page before chapter

Common Customizations

You can apply customizations by pasting the following code snippets under the @import rules.

Remove the blank page before the TOC
no blank page after cover
/* Remove the blank page before the TOC. */
nav {
    page-break-before: avoid;
Start chapter-level topics on the left-hand side
start chapter on left page
/* Start each chapter (level-1 topic) on the left page. Insert a blank page before a chapter if needed. */
body > nav ~ article.nested0 {
    page-break-before: right;