Choices, Info, Stepresult, Stepexample, Solution, Substeps, Troublesolution

Add labels before the task topic and troubleshooting topic “subsections”.


Resource location:@import url("");
Figure 1. Task Topic
task various elements
Figure 2. Troubleshooting Topic
troubleshooting topic

Common Customizations

You can apply customizations by pasting the following code snippets under the @import rules.

Disable labels before step example elements and step result elements
Figure 3. Enabled Labels
labels before example and step result on
/* Disable elements before stepxmp elements. */
.stepxmp::before {
  display: none;
/* Disable captions before stepresult elements. */
  display: none;
Figure 4. Disabled Labels
disable labels before example and step result
Add labels before info elements
Figure 5. Disabled Labels
no labels before info
Figure 6. Enabled Labels
label on before info
/* Add captions before info elements. */
.info::before {
  content: "Info: ";
Disable the left border
steps no left border
/* Disable the left border. */
.substeps {
    border: none;
    padding-left: 0px;
    margin-left: 3px;
.step {
    border: none;