Versioning Overview

Heretto CCMS enables you to manage your content lifecycle by using the branches and releases features.
Table 1. Releases and Branches CharacteristicsReleases and branches have distinct characteristics that you can use in a synergistic relationship.
Good for localization purposesPoor for localization purposes
Good for archival purposesPoor for archival purposes
Good for scheduled deliveryGood for continuous delivery


Keep the following guidelines in mind when versioning your content:

  • Develop the current version of your documentation on the “master” branch
  • When the documentation development cycle for a given version is over, create a release for archival purposes
  • Consider branching a past documentation set when it is no longer relevant and requires updating
  • When a branch is no longer needed, remove the branch.


Figure 1. Model Content Release Cycle.
The following example illustrates that the original release of:
  • The “Product 1.0 Guide” was updated twice
  • The “Product 2.0 Guide” was not updated
  • The “Product 3.0 Guide” was updated once
Versioning with branches and releases