Create a Release

You can create a release of a map or a topic to archive the content in its current state.

  1. In the Content Library, click a topic or a map and in the right pane, click the Releases tab.
  2. Click Create Release.
    Create Release UI
  3. In the Create Release dialog, do the following:
    1. Fill in the Release name field.
      Tip: We recommend making the release names consistent for each set of documentation and representative of how the document progressed from one release to another. For example, the first release for a a specific product can be called "Product A Release 1.0", then the second one "Product A Release 1.1", and so on.
    2. Optional: Fill in the Notes field.
      Note: Here you can add additional details and information about a specific release.
    3. Click Create.
Release example