E-Signature Workflow Step

A workflow step can require a user to associate a PDF document with an electronic signature.

E-Signature Overview

The electronic signature feature enables you to digitally approve documents without the need to physically sign their hard copies.

You can insert an e-signature workflow step anywhere in a workflow.

Figure 1. E-Signature Step at the End of a Workflow
E-signature step at end of workflow
Figure 2. E-Signature Step in the Middle of a Workflow
E-signature step in middle of workflow
To enable the electronic signature feature you need to:
  • Create a Heretto PDF Generator publishing scenario and name it esignature. For more information, see Heretto PDF Generator.
    Important: You can only use the Heretto PDF Generator publishing scenarios with the electronic signature feature. Other publishing engines are not yet supported.
  • Contact your Customer Success Manager to have them add the e-signature step to an existing or new assignment workflow.

E-Signature Operation

You sign documents electronically by completing an e-signature workflow step in an assignment.

Figure 3. E-Signature Dialog
E-signature dialogue box
Important: Each e-signature passcode is valid for 30 minutes. You can use a passcode several times during the 30 minutes time frame.
Completing the e-signature workflow step generates an entry in the activity log. This is useful for record-keeping or legal evidence. You can access the entry from the Assignments interface and from the Activity interface.
Figure 4. E-Signature Activity Entry
E-signature activity example
The links in the activity entry provide access to the following resources and documents.
Opens the assignment in which the document was electronically signed.
E-signature document source
Downloads a ZIP file that contains:
  • The source files of an e-signed document
  • A __manifest__.xml file with information about the:
    • E-Signature ID
    • Time stamp
    • Signer
    • Related comment
    • Signed document structure and metadata
<manifest esignatureId="0715f9a7-a045-47ce-808f-dcb953c32d5b" timestamp="1591168913892" user="rafal.karon@heretto.com" comment="I hereby sign this document.">
    <file path="Map_A.ditamap" uri="/db/organizations/qa/repositories/master/content/documents/Document_A/Map_A.ditamap" id="2fd6abc0-9386-11ea-958b-02429593e86b" timestamp="1591168924156">
            <meta name="validation-err-msg"></meta>
            <meta name="char-count">0</meta>
            <meta name="lock-owner"></meta>
            <meta name="normalized-checksum">6e2b6a641485d39855b53d13296be64d</meta>
            <meta name="is-valid">true</meta>
            <meta name="dita-class">- map/map </meta>
            <meta name="title">Map A</meta>
            <meta name="original-template-name">map-template.ditamap</meta>
            <meta name="__document_owner">rafal.karon@heretto.com</meta>
            <meta name="num-open-comments">0</meta>
            <meta name="__document_links_last_processed_rev">-1</meta>
            <meta name="__last_modified_revision">-1</meta>
            <meta name="__has_broken_links">false</meta>
            <meta name="dita-domains"></meta>
            <meta name="checksum">6e2b6a641485d39855b53d13296be64d</meta>
            <meta name="original-template-label">Default Map</meta>
            <meta name="content-type">Map</meta>
            <meta name="word-count">0</meta>
            <meta name="__checksum-dirty">false</meta>
            <meta name="document-valid-md-field">true</meta>
            <meta name="__last_modified_by">SYSTEM</meta>
            <meta name="status">in_progress</meta>
<!--The rest of the document-->
E-signature PDF document
Downloads a zipped PDF publication of the document that you electronically signed.
E-signature details
Downloads a zipped PDF file with details about your e-signature.