Add Groups

Administrators can organize users into groups. Groups can be used to restrict access to particular folders, maps, or files.

Tip: You can add or remove users from an existing group but you cannot rename or remove an existing group.
  1. In the Main Menu in the top-left corner, click Groups.
    Figure 1. Groups Interface
    exemplary user groups
  2. Click New Group
  3. Fill in the Group Name field.
    Tip: The group name must contain only letters and numbers.
  4. Check the check boxes next to the users that you want to add to the group.
    Tip: You can filter the list by using the Filters field. You can also select every user by checking the check box at the top of the list.
  5. Click Save.
Administrators can set permissions on specific folders, maps, or files for a group of users. See Set Permissions for Folders or Files.