Product Taxonomy

If you develop content for multiple or complex products, you may want to create a product-based taxonomy.


Keep the following guidelines in mind when composing product-based taxonomies:

  • You can assign metadata to content based on each product you have or on a specific feature of a product.
  • You should start with the highest product level and create hierarchy for more specific terms.
  • Applying a child term also applies its parent term.


This example shows a product taxonomy for a company that produces small household appliances:

  • Toasters
    • Classic Toaster
    • Lightning Toaster
    • Deluxe Toaster
  • Blenders
    • Classic Blender
    • Lightning Blender
    • Deluxe Blender
  • Mixers
    • Classic Mixer
    • Deluxe Mixer

The following example shows a taxonomy for a complex software product:

Interface Components
  • Dashboard
    • User Management
    • Recent Items
    • Notifications
  • Editor
    • Editing
    • Review
    • Attributes
  • Publishing
    • DITA-OT
    • Heretto PDF Generator
    • Static Site Generator