Schedule a File for Permanent Deletion

You can specify for how long a file is retained in the Content Library. The files that reach the end of their retention date are removed from the CCMS and unrecoverable.

Warning: You cannot restore permanently deleted files, their version history, or associated metadata.
  1. In the Content Library, click the file that you want to permanently delete after a specified date.
  2. In the right-hand pane, in the Retention section, click the Permanent Deletion Date field and select when the file should be permanently deleted.
    Figure 1. Retention Section
    Retention section
    Note: The Retention section is present in the Create new window too which enables you to specify when a file should be permanently deleted upon its creation.
On the “Permanent Deletion Date”, the file is permanently deleted.
Warning: This action is irreversible. You cannot restore permanently deleted files.