Localize Media Package Content

If needed, you can localize content in-house instead of sending it to an external localization provider.

  1. Save the ZIP file you received for localization to your computer and unzip it.
    Important: Do not change the name of the folder when you unzip the file.
    Figure 1. Zipped and unzipped media files
    Zipped and unzipped media files
  2. Open the unzipped Media localization package folder, navigate to a target language folder, for example fr-ca or pl, and open the manifest.xml file it contains.
    Tip: The manifest.xml file contains a list of media resources and their location in the package. Use it to effectively navigate the folder structure of the Media Package and ensure all files are localized.
  3. Navigate down the target language folder to media files and localize them.
    Important: You must save the localized files to their original location using the original file names and extensions.
  4. Zip the localized media package by right-clicking it and compressing it to a ZIP file.
    Important: The new ZIP file must be named exactly the same as the original ZIP file.
    Zip files menu
  5. Send the localized ZIP file back to the project manager or upload it to Heretto CCMS.