Upload Files to the Content Library

You can upload images, configuration files, and other allowed file types to the Content Library.

If you want to upload a large number of files, compress these files to a ZIP archive.
Tip: Uploading files compressed to a single ZIP archive is quicker than uploading multiple files without compressing them first.

By default, when you upload a ZIP archive to the Content Library, Heretto CCMS unzips the archive retaining its folder structure. If needed, you can also upload a ZIP archive to the Content Library without unzipping it.

  1. In the Content Library, navigate to the folder where you want to upload your files and click the Upload button.
  2. Indicate the files that you want to upload:
    • Click to choose files and select the files.
    • Drag and drop the files from your folder into the Drag and drop files here area.
  3. If you selected any files that already exist in the Content Library folder and you don't want to overwrite them, clear the corresponding Overwrite files with the same names check box.
  4. If you selected any ZIP files that you do not want to be automatically unzipped, clear the corresponding Unzip check box.
  5. Click Upload Files.