XML Code Autocompletion

Heretto CCMS suggests and automatically completes new XML elements for you.

You can quickly add an XML element by starting to enter the XML element code and selecting the relevant option from the Autocomplete menu. In the following example, the <se was typed and the Autocomplete menu suggested to insert a section element.

Figure 1. Autocomplete Menu
Source Editor Autocomplete Menu lets the user choose what element they want to insert; in this case it suggests the section element.

In the following example, the section element was selected from the Autocomplete menu. Heretto CCMS automatically closes the XML elements for you (in this example, the </section> closing tag was added).

Figure 2. Autocompleted XML Element
After the user selected the section element from the Autocompletion Menu the closing tag was automatically inserted..
Important: If this feature is disabled for your organization, contact your Customer Success Manager.