Learning Summary

Learning summary topics recap information from a course, module, or lesson.


Learning summary topics can contain the following elements:

  • Learning Summary element
    1. title element
    2. short description element
    3. Learning Summary Body element
      • Learning Summary element
      • Learning Review element
      • Learning Next Steps element
      • section elements


title element
Entitles a topic, a section, or a container element.
short description element
Illustrates the topic purpose in two or three sentences (no more than 50 words). May provide content for tooltips and search engines.
Learning Summary Body element
The main element of a Learning summary topic.
Learning Summary element
Provides the summary of learning goals and lessons learned.
Learning Review element
Provides the review of the main points of your course, module, or lesson.
Learning Next Steps element
Recommends actions that learners can undertake after completing a course, module, or lesson to reinforce the retention of what they learned.
section elements
Contains additional content.


Keep these guidelines in mind when creating Learning summary topics:

  • You can use the Learning Review element to reiterate the main points of a course or a module
  • You can use the Learning Next Steps element to tell the learners what they should do after finishing a course, module or lesson
  • To efficiently fill in the Learning Summary element, refer to the relevant Learning Objectives element

    For more information, see Learning Overview


Figure 1. Learning Summary Example
Learning Summary Example