Learning Overview

Learning Overview topics contain introductory information like course duration, objectives, or prerequisites.


Learning Overview topics can contain the following elements:

  • Learning Overview element
    1. title element
    2. short description element
    3. Learning Overview Body element
      1. Learning Introduction element
      2. Learning Audience
      3. Learning Duration element
      4. Learning Prerequisites element
      5. Learning Objectives element
      6. Learning Resources element
      7. section elements


title element
Entitles a topic, a section, or a container element.
short description element
Illustrates the topic purpose in two or three sentences (no more than 50 words). May provide content for tooltips and search engines.
Learning Overview Body element
The main element of a Learning overview topic.
Learning Introduction element
Provides the detailed description of a topic. It is useful if the short description element is not sufficient.
Learning Audience
Characterizes the audience of your instructional content.
Learning Duration element
Contains a Learning Time element that specifies an estimated length of a course, module, or lesson.
Learning Prerequisites element
Specifies the knowledge, skills, or other learners' characteristics needed to complete a course, module, or lesson.
Learning Objectives element
Lists the learning objectives of a course, module, or lesson. Contains the following elements:
  • Learning Objectives Stem element that introduces learning objectives
  • Learning Objectives Group element that groups learning objectives
  • Learning Objectives element that lists learning objectives
Learning Resources element
Lists the resources related to a course, module, or lesson. For example, the Learning Resources element can list articles related to your instructional content.
section elements
Contains additional content.


Keep these guidelines in mind when creating Learning Overview topics:

  • You can organize Learning Objective elements in multiple Learning Objectives Group elements
  • You can assign learners to go through some additional resources prior to the beginning of a course by using the Learning Prerequisites element
  • You can use the section element to add any other relevant information to your Learning overview topic


Figure 1. Learning Overview Topic Example
Learning Overview Topic Example