Learning Object Map

Learning object maps include content on a lesson-level.


A Learning object map constitutes a single, reusable learning unit.

  • Learning object map
    • Learning object element
      1. Learning plan reference
      2. Learning pre-assessment reference
      3. Learning overview reference
      4. Learning content reference
      5. Learning summary reference
      6. Learning post-assessment reference


Learning object element
The main element of a Learning object map that structures your instructional content into lessons.
Learning plan reference
A reference to a Learning plan topic.
Tip: You can use conditional processing to exclude Learning plan topics from the output.
Learning pre-assessment reference
A reference to a Learning assessment topic used as a pre-learning activity.
Learning overview reference
A reference to a Learning overview topic.
Learning content reference
A reference to a Learning content topic, task topic, concept topic, or reference topic.
Learning summary reference
A reference to a Learning summary topic.
Learning post-assessment reference
A reference to a Learning assessment topic used as a post-learning activity.


Keep these guidelines in mind when creating Learning object maps:

  • Append lesson-level content under a single Learning object element.
  • Depending on your instructional design, you can append a Learning assessment topic as a Learning pre-assessment reference and/or Learning post-assessment reference. For more information, see Learning Assessment.
  • To ensure maximum content reusability, keep each lesson in a separate Learning object map.


Figure 1. Learning Object Map Example.

The following example shows a Learning object map, “Authoring Topics,” that includes an internal learning plan, an overview, learning content (“Creating Topics”, “Create a Topic”, “Copy and Paste an Element in a Topic”, “Move Elements in a Topic”, “Insert an Image”, “Insert an Element in a Topic”), a summary, and a post-assessment. This Learning object map does not include a pre-assessment.

Learning object map with its elements