Learning Group Map

Learning group maps organize content on a module level.


Learning group maps refer to reusable Learning object maps that organize content on a lesson level. Learning group maps can also include optional elements.

  • Learning group map
    • Learning group element
      1. Learning plan reference (optional)
      2. Learning pre-assessment reference (optional)
      3. Learning overview reference (optional)
      4. Learning object map reference
      5. Learning summary reference (optional)
      6. Learning post-assessment reference (optional)


Learning group element
The main element of a Learning group map that structures your instructional content into modules.
Learning plan reference
A reference to a Learning plan topic.
Tip: You can use conditional processing to exclude Learning plan topics from the output.
Learning pre-assessment reference
A reference to a Learning assessment topic used as a pre-learning activity.
Learning overview reference
A reference to a Learning overview topic.
Learning object map reference
A reference to a Learning object map.
Learning summary reference
A reference to a Learning summary topic.
Learning post-assessment reference
A reference to a Learning assessment topic used as a post-learning activity.


Keep these guidelines in mind when creating Learning group maps:

  • Append the module-level content under a single Learning group element
  • To ensure maximum content reusability, keep each module in a separate Learning group map
  • You can organize your content in sub-modules by appending a sub-module-level Learning group map under a module-level Learning group map


Figure 1. Learning Group Map Example.

The following example shows a Learning group map, “Authoring Content”, that includes two lessons, “Authoring Topics” and “Authoring Maps”. The lessons are kept in separate Learning object maps appended as Learning object map references.

The Learning group map includes additional elements that provide an overview, summary, and post-assessment for the “Authoring Topics” and “Authoring Maps” lessons.

Learning group map with two learning object maps