Preferring some terms over the others makes consistent documentation.

Table 1. General Terms
shows, appearsdisplaysThe element appears.
enableallowThe feature enables you to do something.
file namefilenameEnter a file name.
imagepicture, photoSelect an image.
screenshotscreen capture, screen imageUpload a screenshot.
wantwish, desiredSelect the option that you want to enable.



The browser blocks pop-ups from automatically showing up on your screen.

Table 2. Windows and Panes
windowlarge interface areas that contain buttons, fields, and a close icon.In the Bulk Change window...
dialogsmall interface areas, usually for errors or confirmationsIn the Insert dialog...
panedistinct interface areas grouping related items typically placed on the right or leftIn the Activity pane...
Table 3. Selectable Areas
drop-down menuselectable list items in a menuFrom the the More drop-down menu, select...
check boxselectable boxesSelect the Owner check box...
fieldarea where you can enter text stringsIn the Keys field, enter...
Table 4. Actions
clickinteractions with buttons, icons, or linksIn the content library, click the Open icon.
right-clickopening a contextual drop-down menuIn the content library, right-click a file and...
selectinteractions with a drop-down menuIn the More drop-down menu, select...
select and clearinteractions with a check boxSelect the check boxes next to the files you want to rename.
entertyping text into with a text areaEnter a title for your file.
navigatefind a file or folderNavigate to the image you want to upload.
placecursor locationPlace your cursor where you want to insert a table.