FAQ Topic

FAQ topics provide answers to frequently asked questions in a clear and concise question-answer format.

Title Guidelines

  • Use sentence case
  • Write in question format, including ending punctuation

Examples: “What is the maximum upload size?”, “How do I change the owner of multiple files?”

Style Guidelines

  • Use short, direct titles
  • Be concise with your answers


Ask yourself the following questions when creating FAQ topics:

  • Is this a common question or problem?
  • Is a short answer sufficient for this question or would it be better answered in the user guide or a tutorial?


FAQ topics can contain the following elements:

  • FAQ element
    1. question element
    2. prolog element
    3. answer element


question element
Contains a frequently asked question.
prolog element
Contains topic metadata. Can contain multiple resource ID elements that you can use to implement context-sensitive help into applications.
answer element
Provides an answer to the question.