Section Divider Element

You can use sectiondiv elements to group content within a section element.


  • A sectiondiv element cannot contain a title element. If you want to introduce a hierarchy below the section element level, consider splitting content into multiple topics instead.
  • You can nest a sectiondiv element within a sectiondiv element. This is useful if you want to develop structured information within section elements.
  • You can use sectiondiv elements to reuse a group of elements from a section element.
  • Most publishing scenarios do not style the sectiondiv element in the output.


The following example shows a section element that contains four levels of sectiondiv elements:

Figure 1. Nested Section Dividers
section dividers topic editor
    <title>4 Levels of Section Dividers</title>
        Level 1
            Level 2
                Level 3
                    Level 4
                    <p>Paragraph on level 4</p>
                <p>Paragraph on level 3</p>
            <p>Paragraph on level 2</p>
        <p>Paragraph on level 1</p>
Figure 2. Nested Sections Dividers with no Styling Applied.

The following example shows that nested sectiondiv elements are not styled in any way in the PDF output by default.

section dividers no styling
Figure 3. Nested Section Dividers with Styling Applied.

The following example shows styled sectiondiv elements published by using a custom Heretto PDF Generator scenario.

section dividers no borders