Footnote Element

Use the footnote element to refer to additional information from the main body of the document.


  • Depending on the output, footnotes can render differently. Once you publish your content, always check if the footnotes are rendered as expected.
  • Use numerical footnote annotations with textual content. They update automatically as you add new footnotes based on the their position in the topic.
  • Use symbolic footnote annotations with numerical content. You need to manually update symbolic annotations as you add new footnotes.
Remember: Unlike symbolic annotations, numerical annotations can be understood as a numerical_data to the power of your_numerical_annotation.
  • Correctly annotated numerical content: 0.181193*
  • Incorrectly annotated numerical content: 0.1811932


The following examples show footnote elements in different outputs.

Figure 1. Numerical Footnotes in the PDF Output
footnote output example
Figure 2. Symbolic Footnotes in the HTML5 Output
symbolic footnotes