Animated Images

You insert GIFs to your topics by using image elements.


  • Treat GIFs as additional and optional aids to your textual content. Your documentation should be understandable without any graphical aids.
  • Include GIFs only into online deliverables. If you plan to publish a given asset both as an online and printed deliverable, include a static image equivalent into printed deliverables.
    Tip: Assign the @audience="print" attribute to the static image and the @audience="online" attribute to the animated image. Use an appropriate DITAVAL when publishing your asset.
  • Crop your GIFs so that they only show the relevant part of the interface that you capture.
  • If you capture a web-application, use the zoom feature built-in your web-browser as much as possible.


You can use the software of your choice to capture GIFs. However, ensure that your captures meet the following requirements.

Table 1. GIF Requirements
Frame rate30 Frames Per Second (FPS)
Transition typeFade
Transition length10 frames
Effects (for example, highlighted mouse clicks)No