Choice Table Element

Use the choice table element to provide different options for performing a step. The option descriptions may contain multiple actions.


  • Add a choice table element if there are multiple options to perform a step.
  • Any option in the choice table element should require more than one action.

    If every option require only one action, use the choices element. See Choices Element.

  • In the step element introduce the choice table element.

    For example, enter Save the document by doing any of the following:

  • Start each option with “To” to ensure that the options are understood as not obligatory.

    For example, enter To save the document by using the toolbar,

  • If the option description includes two or more actions, add an introductory text and put the actions in the ordered list element.

    For example, enter do the following:

  • The choice table element headers (“Option” and “Description”) are generated automatically in the output. Don't include the choice option heading element or the choice description heading element.


The following example shows a choice table element that gives you three different options to open a map in the Source Editor.

Figure 1. Choice Table Example
choice table example