Publish a Map

Now that you have a simple map built, it's time to publish it to PDF using the Heretto PDF Generator.

  1. Open the map in the resource manager by double-clicking the map.
    Content library
    Tip: Right-clicking the map opens up a context menu, where you can choose to open the editor in a new tab by clicking Edit in new tab.
    The map opens in the resource manager.
    resource manager
  2. Click Publish and then from the options, select one of the default PDF Generator templates.
    The Publish button
    Note: Publishing options may vary from CCMS instance to instance.
  3. Fill in the description as needed, then click Publish to generate a PDF.
    Publish Options menu
  4. Click the Download to save the PDF to your computer.
    Publish options menu
Congratulations! You've created several topics, added them to a map, and published your first PDF. You're now ready to create your own content in Heretto CCMS.