Topic Toolbars

Hiding topic toolbars provides a streamlined document view.

Topic Toolbars Toggle

In the Content Editor, you can show or hide topic toolbars by clicking the gear icon and selecting Topic Toolbars.

Gear icon, which provides users a way to configure the content editor's display modes

Status Selector

The status selector enables you to manually change the status of a topic. For example, you can change a status from In Progress to Approved status.
The file status selector in the content editor expanded to show available file statuses

Open In New Window Icon

If there's a topic you're working on that would be helpful to have open in a window by itself, click the pop out icon in the upper right of the topic. Heretto CCMS opens the topic in a new browser tab.

The content editor showing the topic toolbar's open in a new window icon

Topic Merge Icon

You can merge changes in individual topics from branch to branch using the topic merge icon.

The content editor showing the topic toolbar's topic merge button for merging topic changes into another branch
Note: By default, merging/replacing topics is disabled and the Topic Merge/Replace icon is hidden. To enable this feature, contact a Customer Success Manager.

Source Editor Icon

You can click the angle bracket icon to pop open a topic's DITA source code editor over the Content Editor. The topic's source code shows on the left and the rendered editor view shows on the right.

The source editor opened after clicking the angle bracket icon, showing the XML code on the left and styled editor on the right
Note: When editing in the source code, your changes will not show in the rendered view until you save your changes. When the source editor is open, you cannot edit in the rendered view.

Resource Information Icon

The resource information icon opens up the Resource Details Drawer where you can view information about and interact with a particular resource. The Resource Details Drawer includes helpful information, such as a link to the file's location in the Content Library, and enables you to access the resource manager.

The opened up resource viewer pane, which gives detailed information about a topic