Prolog Elements

A prolog typically displays author information, critical dates, keywords, and other important metadata. It can also contain a resource ID element that is crucial for the creation of a context-sensitive help.


In the Content Editor, you can show the prolog by clicking the gear icon and selecting Show Prolog. Deselecting it hides the prolog from the Content Editor.

The toolbar's gear icon showing the available options for customizing the content editor

Collapse and Expand Prolog

You can collapse and expand the prolog content by pressing the Collapse/Expand Prolog (+) or (-) button. This action minimizes the prolog rather than completely removing it from the Content Editor.

Figure 1. Expanded Prolog
The content editor shows an expanded prolog at the top of a document. The blue minus icon in the top left lets the user collapse the prolog.
Figure 2. Collapsed Prolog
A collapsed prolog in the content editor showing a blue plus icon, indicating that there is more information present and the prolog can be expanded to show it.