Conditional Content

Heretto CCMS enables you to decide how, or if, profiled content appears in the Content Editor.


When you are authoring content it's helpful to see all the content in a topic. Reviewers, however, may prefer to see only the content that meets a specific condition. You can configure how the conditional content appears in the Content Editor by selecting different options in the Conditional View Settings.

Figure 1. Conditional Content.
The following example shows a piece of conditional content profiled for @audience="userTesting".
Tip: Clicking a conditional content indicator opens the Conditional View Settings Window.
The content editor showing the green, in-document bars and diagonal text that indicates the presence of conditional processing attributes
Figure 2. Conditional View Settings Window
Conditional View Setting Window


The Content Editor can show conditional content in different ways.

Figure 3. Show Conditional Content.

By default, conditional content appears in the same way as non-conditional content.

Default view for conditional content is to show it the same way as non-conditional content.
Figure 4. Grayed Conditional Content.

Grayed out conditional content is less prominent than regular content.

Grayed out conditional content mode makes the content less prominent.
Figure 5. Hidden Conditional Content.

Hidden conditional content does not appear in the Content Editor. Hover over a conditional content indicator to see the hidden conditional content.

A short video showcasing how the hidden conditional content is displayed when you hover over the conditional content indicator.