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Heretto CCMS includes several publishing engines that enable you to produce highly customizable deliverables.

Do placeholders show when I publish content?

No, the placeholder buttons and the associated text don't show when published. They're a part the Content Editor interface that offers guidance and provides quick access to common elements. Think of placeholders as reminders for elements that are typically used in a given topic type.

It's common for Heretto CCMS customers to specify their own set of buttons and configurations to meet their specific authoring needs. Heretto CCMS is highly configurable, so just let us know if you want different placeholder text and buttons.

Can Heretto CCMS produce Word output?

Out of the box, you can use the DITA Open Toolkit to publish to RTF, which Microsoft® Word is capable of opening. You can also find other, open-source plugins capable of producing DOCX. We recommend using the Elovirta DOCX plugin.

Heretto Publishing Reference

Heretto CCMS includes several publishing engines that enable you to publish content to various formats and deliver it to different endpoints.

Publishing EngineDescriptionOutput Formats/EndpointsKey Features
Heretto Connector for DITA-OTThe DITA Open Toolkit (DITA-OT) is a mature open-source DITA transformation engine that enables you to publish content to a large number of output formats.
Out of the box:
  • HTML5
  • PDF
  • Markdown
  • Normalized DITA
  • Eclipse Help
  • HTML Help

With third-party plugins:

  • Versatility of output formats
  • Unbound transformation and customization capabilities
  • Compliance with your existing DITA-OT plugins or third-party solutions like oXygen WebHelp
Heretto PDF GeneratorA fast publishing engine based on Prince XML that enables you to develop publishing templates directly in Heretto CCMS.
  • PDF
  • Rapid PDF preview and publishing
  • Interactive template development inside Heretto CCMS
  • Easy templates customization with HTML, CSS, and XSLT (if needed)
Heretto Deploy Portal Instantaneously render and deliver content to a customizable and modern documentation portal website.
  • Dynamic content deployment to your documentation portal
  • Instantaneous content publication
  • Easy customization
  • Modern, responsive, and lightweight documentation portal
Heretto Connector for DocusaurusDeliver content to a Docusaurus-built site hosted on Netlify or generate a static Docusaurus site that you can preview locally and deploy on your own.
  • Deployment to Netlify
  • Static Docusaurus-built site
  • A popular static site framework sponsored by Facebook
  • Extensive customization capabilities
  • Automated delivery to Netlify