Reuse Elements from Warehouse Topics

You can reuse content by copying and pasting tags or by using the context menu.

Create a warehouse topic and add reusable elements. See Add Reusable Elements to Warehouse Topics.
Reuse elements by copying and pasting tags.
  1. In the Content Editor, ensure that you have the Short Tags, Full Tags, or Full Tags With Attributes mode enabled.
    For more information, see Tags View Modes.
  2. Open the source and target topics:
    1. Open the target topic in which you want to reuse content.
    2. Open the warehouse topic with the source content that you want to reuse.
    Tip: Open the source and target topics side-by-side in two separate web browser windows.side by side topic editor tabs
  3. In the warehouse topic, right-click the tag of a reusable element and select Copy.
    copy option in the context menu
  4. In the target topic, reuse the content from 3:
    1. Right-click the place where you want to insert the content reference and select Paste.
    2. From the dialog, select Conref.

    If the dialog doesn't appear, go to the Attributes tab and ensure that the element you want to reuse has an ID attribute added. Elements without an ID attribute can't be reused as they can't be identified by the system.

    Tip: Instead of copying and pasting elements in 3 and 4, you can drag and drop reusable elements from the warehouse topic to the target topic.
    Drag and drop and element and select conref.
Reuse elements by using the context menu.
  1. Open a topic and place your cursor where you want to insert a content reference.
  2. In the toolbar, click the Reuse button.
  3. Click the Select file button, select the warehouse topic, and click Link Inside File (Select Target Element).
  4. In the warehouse topic, select the element that you want to reuse by doing the following:
    1. In the Create/Edit Link dialog, click an element and select it from the list that appears.
    2. If prompted about the element ID, click OK and Save.
      Tip: Heretto CCMS generates ID values automatically, but you can enter your own values. The ID values must be unique. Assigning customized values may boost consistency in your documentation.
    3. Click the Insert Content button.