Insert Links to Topics or Files

Create a direct, inline link to another topic or file in your Content Library by using the cross-reference.

  1. Open a topic and place your cursor where you want to insert a link.
  2. In the toolbar, click the Insert Link icon.
  3. Click the Select file button.
  4. In the Library dialog, select a file and click the Link to File button.
    Tip: You can select topics or other files from your Content Library. For example, you can link to a PDF document or a DOCX file.
    You inserted a link to the topic or a file in your Content Library. The topic title is used as the link text. The link text changes automatically when you edit the linked topic title.
  5. If you linked to a non-DITA file, do the following:
    1. Click the link that you just inserted.
    2. In the Attributes tab, enter the file extension in both the format field and the type field.
      If you linked to a DOCX file, enter docx in the format field and in the type field.
  6. Optional: Change the link text by placing your cursor in the cross-reference and entering custom text.
    Remember: We don't recommend customizing the link text. You need to maintain and modify custom links each time the content changes and the link text is no longer relevant. You need to do that everywhere the link is used.
If you linked to non-DITA files, verify the links are properly rendered in the output.